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We are dreamers, critical thinkers, and creators of the world we wish to see.
And we are just getting started.

Since 2018, Studio Forty-two Fifty-eight has specialized in the development of Purpose Driven Creativity®. We define Purpose Driven Creativity® as progressive and imaginative solutions that are crafted with the intention to add value to others and are derived from a fundamental belief in honoring the unique needs of diverse cultures and communities.

Our mission is to raise the collective consciousness in regards to the value of purpose, community, culture and creativity. We do this by providing quality creative solutions for businesses, productions, and organizations worldwide. Through our commitment to serving others and our expertise in the fields of marketing, design, and business, we seek to elevate businesses from a commitment to sell to a commitment to serve.

Our Story

Our Vision

We envision a world empowered by creativity and driven by purpose. We’re not in this business to simply create impressions or make noise. We are intentional about every single thing we do and create. Studio 4258 Inc. was founded as an independent creative services and consulting studio driven by purpose rather than profit. 


We believe in cultivating community. This means utilizing local creative talent, artists, and suppliers while also volunteering and providing opportunities for members of our community through mentorship, and internships. We are fully committed to building, uplifting, and empowering our community.


We believe that creativity is the ultimate form of problem solving being that it allows for infinite solutions to infinite problems. We are committed to honing our crafts and advancing our skills and expertise with the intentions of using our creativity to shape the world us; one polished, professionally crafted project at a time.


We strive to produce relevant, effective, and sophisticated creative solutions that are based on research and a dedication to understanding our clients and their unique target markets. We never rely on stereotypes, generalizations, algorithms or assumptions to produce work for our clients or the communities that they serve.


Forty-two, Fifty-eight is the house number of a small home nestled in the metropolitan-area suburbs of Atlanta, GA. As the childhood home of our founder, this house number represents our roots in the community and our humble beginnings. Numbers are a universal language. In numerology, each number carries it's own meaning and energy. Roll over or tap on the images below to read exactly why we connect with these specific four numbers.

Our Name


The number 4 represents the stability and dependability that we aim to provide to our clients. It also reflects our foundation within the community.


The number 2 represents the partnerships we create with our clients. It also reflects how our team prioritizes collaboration when working together as a collective.


The number 5 represents our ability to adapt to the evolving world around us. We embrace change and see all problems as an opportunity to create solutions towards a better future.



The number 8 represents the infinite possibilities of our work. Our goal is to aid in the success of our clients while also adding value to the communities that are impacted by our work.

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