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Tour Genius

Project type

User Experience

What We Did

Secondary Research / User Experience Design (UX) / User Interface Design (UI) / Prototype Development


To Help Prospective College Students Get the Most Out of Their College Campus Visits.

Danielle Marshall is the author of the book, The College Visit Journal: Campus Visits Demystified which is everything prospective students need to get the most out of their college campus visit. Approximately 27% of all first-year four-year college students leave their college or university after their freshman year. Danielle and her products help to alleviate this problem by helping prospective college students from all walks of life make better informed decisions around choosing a college.

The goal of this project was to translate the features of The College Visit Journal into a mobile app called Tour Genius. We developed the user experience design (UX) and the user interface (UI) of the app. This included using research to develop user personas, user journeys, empathy mapping, and user flows. This project is currently in development. To learn more, visit or contact us to request a full case study report.

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